Wedding Cakes

Pricing your wedding cake can be very hit and miss. You approach a wedding cake designer with something in mind... your dream wedding cake! You will have a budget in mind, and more often than not the cake of your dreams will be far more than you intended to spend.

This does not necessarily mean that the cake designer is trying to rip you off. Most of the time taken in the creation of a wedding cake is not in the baking, but the decoration that is added after the cake is iced. The cake is usually priced according to the complexity of the design. The more complex the decoration, the more the cake will cost.

Some of the cakes we create can take 2 weeks just to make the sugarcraft decoration, before we even start to bake the cake(s). To that end we show you 3 galleries of some of the cakes we have designed previously. You will see that although some of them will not be to your personal taste, they are mostly very different in design and complexity.

We highly recommend that you are very precise when ordering your cake so that we can quote you accurately. We highly recommend our special offer... Its very good value for money and quite popular in our present economical climate. Enjoy your tour of our galleries!